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Separation – Divorce – Child Custody the Collaborative Way

If you are considering legal separation or divorce and would prefer to minimize the emotional damage for you and your children, stay in control of the final outcome, and ensure that your divorce does not turn into a costly extended legal battle, we encourage you to consider the Collaborative method of divorce. As the name implies, a Collaborative Divorce involves you and your spouse working together to reach a settlement rather than going to court to fight against each other. The team of professionals at the Collaborative Divorce Center of Coastal Virginia provides comprehensive support to couples who are seeking this family-friendly method of getting divorced. A team typically includes attorneys to guide you through the important legal issues, financial advisers to help you address questions of income and asset/debt division, and mental health professionals serving as divorce coaches/child specialists to help you develop an effective Co-Parenting plan and to aid you through the communication obstacles and emotional challenges faced by everyone in your family. This collaborative team helps you and your children achieve the best possible outcome at a time when most couples are not functioning at their emotional best. Follow the links below to learn more about the various aspects of Collaborative Divorce and the services we offer at Collaborative Divorce Center of Coastal Virginia.

Helping couples get a Divorce in Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Norfolk and all of Hampton Roads.

Collaborative Divorce

Those who have first-hand experience with divorce will often tell you that it was by far the most emotionally challenging and financially draining experience of their lives, but this does not have to be true for you!

Marital Agreements

If you and your spouse are interested in reducing the potential for conflict over economic rights and possession of property, both during your marriage and in the event of a possible divorce, it is advisable to clearly lay out the terms for these matters in a marital agreement such as a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement.


If you are considering filing for divorce and are curious about the issue of ‘separation’, it is important to know that the ‘separation period’ begins at the point that there is a ‘physical separation’ between you and your spouse.


Divorce is fraught with emotional trauma for children. It is typically the highest priority of divorcing parents to do everything possible to minimize the negative impact on the children.

Child Custody

For many couples, sharing time with the children (child custody) is one of the most contentious issues in a divorce.

Child Support

Both parents have a legal responsibility to provide for their children’s economic needs. This is as true in Virginia Beach and the Greater Hampton Roads Area as in other areas.

Child Visitation

The family law courts in Virginia Beach and the Tidewater area do not give either parent preference when determining child custody and visitation.

Prenuptial Agreements

Our team of professionals includes attorneys, financial specialists, and mental health professionals (who serve as communications specialists).

Unmarried Partners

As more couples or partners live together for extended periods of time without marrying, couples accumulate shared assets, property, and perhaps shared debt, in addition to children born into the relationship.

Estate Preservation and Division

Estate Planning issues change as the result of divorce. The team at Collaborative Divorce Center of Coastal Virginia is ready to assist you in crafting documents that will incorporate your new agreements into the restructured co-parenting families.


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