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collaborative divorceWelcome to The Collaborative Divorce Center of Coastal Virginia. CDC COVA is designed to help you through the trauma of divorce using the Collaborative Method.  Collaborative Divorce gives you the advantage of a team approach, consisting of Lawyers, a Divorce Coach/Child Specialist and Financial Planners. Your children will receive highly specialized care in the hands of our Child Specialist. After all, we understand that your children’s wellbeing is your highest priority. Together as one team, we reduce the trauma and long term negative effects of divorce, usually for less money than a traditional divorce. A Collaborative Divorce is a better, more family-friendly way for managing your conflict and creating an equitable settlement.

The traditional divorce process is designed to alienate you from your spouse, increase stress and encourage both of you to spend as much money on legal fees as possible.  The Collaborative Process is rooted in mutual respect, honesty, transparency and integrity. We want to keep you out of court, and in control of your divorce. Collaborative Divorce concludes in an outcome that reflects dignity and mutual benefit by saving your entire family unnecessary financial and emotional grief. We are a group of legal, financial and mental health professionals dedicated to making Collaborative Divorce the preferred method of divorce throughout Hampton Roads and all of Coastal Virginia.

What is the Collaborative method and where did it start?

The Collaborative method of dispute resolution began in the 1980s by a disillusioned Minnesota Family Lawyer named Stu Webb. Stu had become frustrated with the traditional adversarial model of divorce where one side wins and the other side loses. He was seeking an alternative and more enlightened, respectful way to resolve family disputes. Originally called Collaborative Law, Stu’s movement for divorcing couples, is now an international one, and is more commonly referred to as Collaborative Practice. It is based on the idea that even in divorce, a win/win situation can occur that promotes and safeguards the best interests of everyone involved. This is accomplished with the help of a team of professionals.

A team typically includes attorneys to guide you through the important legal issues, financial advisers to help you address questions of income and asset/debt division, and mental health professionals serving as divorce coaches/child specialists to help you develop an effective Co-Parenting plan and to aid you through the communication obstacles and emotional challenges faced by everyone in your family. This collaborative team helps you and your children achieve the best possible outcome at a time when most couples are not functioning at their emotional best.

At the Collaborative Divorce Center of Coastal Virginia our goal is to bring the Collaborative method to bear on any type of dispute. However, our initial effort will center around helping families who are facing a divorce to effectively and efficiently manage the emotional, financial and legal aspects of the process while reducing the short and long-term negative impact on the entire family. The result is a more respectful, efficient and productive way to resolve disputes without going to court. This method enables individuals to maintain control of the process and its outcome (rather than having a judge or two attorneys controlling the decisions).

Are you ready to save money, stay out of court, remain in control of the settlement agreement and get divorced with dignity?

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