Child Visitation in Virginia

Keeping Both Parents Involved

When parents divorce, the family law courts in Virginia prefer to rule in favor of a parenting plan that you create which enables both parents to spend as much time as possible with the children. Provided that neither parent has a history of domestic violence, child abuse or chemical substance addiction (a condition that would make it unsafe for the children to spend time with that parent), the courts will always seek an arrangement that allows both you and your spouse to continue to play substantial roles in your children’s lives. This is child visitation.

Determinations of what is in the children’s best interests will also come into play in awarding joint legal custody versus sole legal custody (which refers to the authority of only one parent to make the important decisions about the children’s upbringing). It is not always feasible, however, for the children to spend an equal amount of time with both parents.

Children can’t be split in half. The logistics of transferring between households on a weekly or bi-weekly basis are often considered to be unnecessarily disruptive to stability in the children’s lives, particularly if one of the parents will be moving any considerable distance from the children’s school and home. For these reasons, a divorce between parents will often end with one parent receiving child custody and the other being awarded rights of visitation. The parent who receives visitation will also typically be ordered to make child support payments.

Creating a Visitation Schedule

There are many possible arrangements for child visitation, so it makes sense for you and your spouse to retain the decision-making power regarding this aspect of divorce because it so completely impacts your life and the lives of your children. At the Collaborative Divorce Center of Coastal Virginia, we have divorce coaches and child specialists who work side by side with you and your lawyer to find a solution that is fair and workable for both you and your children.

Divorce coaches use cutting-edge research about the effects of divorce on children to help you craft a co-parenting time-sharing plan that is least disruptive to your children’s well-being. In addition, our financial experts help you develop support arrangements that will not leave either parent financially destitute. The Virginia collaborative divorce lawyers at Collaborative Divorce Center of Coastal Virginia can help you and your spouse address these issues with a minimum of emotional trauma. Child Visitation in Virginia is a delicate matter. We can help!

That way, you can walk away from the situation with the confidence that you have established the best possible co-parenting plan for child visitation that is unique to you and customized to your situation. We understand how important it is for you to spend meaningful time with your children and to assist in raising and guiding them. We want to help you handle this aspect of your divorce in a way that best meets your needs and expectations.

Child Visitation in Virginia



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