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What’s Collaborative Divorce?

Collaborative Practice is a reasonable approach to divorce based on three principles:

  1. A pledge not to go to court
  2. An honest exchange of information by both spouses
  3. A solution that takes into account the highest priorities of both adults and their children

What are the advantages of the Collaborative Method?

  • Emphasizes the needs of the children
  • Avoids going to court and maintains your privacy
  • Keeps you in control of the process
  • Encourages mutual respect and open communication
  • Addresses the interests goals and needs of all
  • Utilizes a problem solving approach
  • Leads to a compassionate ending and the creation of two healthy Co-Parenting homes

No Court Divorce

One of the worst aspects of getting a divorce is the prospect of having to go to court. Nobody wants to go to court for any reason, and the emotional stress of a divorce only makes matters worse. This is one of the major advantages of the collaborative approach to divorce: The only court involvement using the Collaborative method is the filing of the Final Decree.

You will not have to plead your case before the judge, and you will not have to expose information such as your personal financial affairs and the reasons for your divorce to public scrutiny. Instead, you will be able to maintain your privacy and maintain control over the outcome of the divorce, rather than being forced to abide by the decrees of the judge.

Divorce with Dignity and Maintain Control

In a Collaborative Divorce, you and your spouse will work with our team to negotiate fair and mutually beneficial agreements on matters such as child custody, spousal support, child support and the division of shared property. Rather than engaging in adversarial litigation as in a contested divorce, the collaborative team will help you negotiate an amicable and respectful divorce that enables you and your spouse to maintain a workable co-parenting relationship into the future. If this sounds like the approach for you, contact our Virginia collaborative divorce lawyer now at Collaborative Divorce Center of Coastal Virginia.

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