Prenuptial Agreements in Virginia

Why Consider Prenuptial or Premarital Agreements?

When handled collaboratively, prenuptial agreements become an opportunity to engage a couple in educating and planning for their upcoming marriage. Financial and property issues are generally on the agenda, but other crucial issues are routinely addressed: creating a family, plans for children and the roles of each partner in child rearing; allocation of labor and resources during the marriage; what will be joint endeavors and joint property; what will be separate endeavors and separate property; what resources will be applied to debts; what are the hopes or expectations about savings, investments and retirement? By exploring individual and shared views on these and other issues in advance with prenuptial agreements, a couple can plan for how their partnership will operate on some very practical levels.

Protecting You in Case of a Possible Divorce

The Collaborative Process enables future partners to plan for any type of life transition including divorce in a thoughtful and healthy atmosphere, while maintaining the well-being of the relationship as a priority. The process becomes far more than planning a paper moat around one party’s separate property. Instead, the couple is guided through discussions around developing solutions to tough questions in advance, then memorializing the results of those discussions into a mutually satisfying legal document for many of life’s transitions, including divorce.

Strengthening Your Marriage With Prenuptial Agreements

Many people who have signed prenuptial agreements actually report that the agreement actually contributes to the strength of their marriages. Remember: a large percentage of marriages end as a result of disputes over money. By taking the advance time to create a premarital agreement you may be able to spare yourselves a considerable amount of distress and perhaps even save a marriage. The team at the Collaborative Divorce Center of Coastal Virginia includes attorneys, financial advisers, and mental health professionals who can help you and your future spouse fully explore the issues that you identify as important, and then work with you to establish an agreement which can serve to deepen, strengthen and even preserve your relationship.

Prenuptial Agreements

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