Unmarried Partners in Virginia

Is The Collaborative Practice for Unmarried Partners Too?

You do not have to be married to come to the Virginia collaborative divorce lawyers at Collaborative Divorce Center of Coastal Virginia for help with resolving the issues involved in ending your relationship. We understand that unmarried couples and partners living together face many of the same problems as those that confront a divorcing couple. We want you to benefit from the services we provide.

Our team includes attorneys who can represent you in the legal aspects of safeguarding your personal interests, financial advisors who can assist in equitably dividing your shared assets and debts, and mental health professionals (coaches) who can help to ease you through the significant emotional distress that occurs when a long-term relationship unfortunately ends.

Challenges of Breaking Up for Unmarried Partners

For an unmarried couple, ending a relationship can be even more difficult and complex than getting a divorce. This is true because there is no preexisting legal framework for unmarried partners and couples. When a couple gets married, both parties become subject to certain economic rights and responsibilities that are used as guidelines for determining how to divide the shared estate in the event of divorce.

In fact, the family law court will not finalize the divorce until there is a plan in place that provides for the fair and equitable distribution of shared assets and debts, as well as the payment of spousal support when appropriate. Without this framework, many unmarried couples may find themselves deprived of property they feel they deserve or they could even be left with debt that they feel they shouldn’t be obligated to pay. This is why it can be so beneficial for a couple in your situation to pursue the Collaborative Practice approach to dispute resolution.

We have extensive experience with every aspect of divorce in Virginia. We can put our skill and expertise to work for you in effectively resolving the outstanding issues involved in ending your relationship with a minimum of expense and stress. If you and your partner have children in common, we can also assist you in establishing a co-parenting plan that involves time sharing with the children (child custody/ visitation) and child support.

Contact us now to discuss your unique situation and to learn more about how we can help unmarried partners like you during this difficult time.

Unmarried Partners in Virginia

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