Child Support & Spousal Support in Virginia

Spousal Support

When partners separate, spousal support is an important issue that must be addressed within the Collaborative Process. If one spouse has been financially dependent upon the other during the marriage, or if there is a significant disparity in income earned by husband and wife, such complex and emotionally charged issues are best suited for the Collaborative Process. In other cases, it is entirely appropriate that husband and wife decide there will be no spousal support. Regardless of your situation, however it is always best for you and your spouse to stay in control of such decisions as opposed to having a judge decide what is best for you.


The Virginia collaborative divorce attorneys at The Collaborative Divorce Center of Coastal Virginia will help to guide you in spousal support determinations making sure that the decisions are fair to all concerned thereby allowing both co-parenting homes to be financially secure.


Child Support

If you are a parent of a minor child or minor children, child support is another critical issue that will have to be determined in the Collaborative Process. If you decide that it is best for the children to live primarily with one parent that parent will usually be the recipient of child support from the other parent.


Even when parents decide time with the children will be shared, it may be appropriate for one parent to receive child support if the other parent has a substantially greater income or if one parent is paying work-related child care expenses. As with all resolutions reached in the Collaborative Process, you and your spouse are empowered, informed, and guided through the process by your team of professionals to make your own determinations regarding support, including how much it will be and how long it will last.

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